P6947 A BC issued piping registration.
P36879 This Ontario issued piping system does not clearly show the province of registration.
P37373ADD1 An Ontario issued piping system, addended.
PP03373.0 A Piping system registered in Newfoundland
PP0060.7A2 Piping issued in New Brunswick.
PP581-1888 A piping system registered in Saskatchewan.
PSTD38354 A mobile piping system registered in Ontario. The same format is used for multiple build standard piping systems.
“ “ Quebec does not issue piping CRNs. On-site inspection is used instead. Ship the documents that you would use to support a CRN with the piping system for the AI to review on site before granting system start up.
P1405.4 A Manitoba VESSEL – the “P” at the start does not always mean piping.

PP-0701-E-004-P, PP-0701-E-004-P

Alberta registered piping system. The same number has been issued to one vendor working on different skids.

Piping registration is usually limited to one address of installation. Mobile and repeat builds of identical piping systems represent a challenge.  Some jurisdictions will classify the piping system as an oversize fitting to allow repeat builds.  Alberta has implemented mobile registration (Mobile Pressure Piping).