PVE-7253, Last Updated Nov 26 2015, By: Cameron Moore and Laurence Brundrett

Here is another method of making repads, this time using the Flex command. When this method works, it is simpler than using surface commands. This method developed by Cameron Moore here at PVEng is particularly useful because it creates a properly contoured repad that can be used for a Drawing or for Finite Element Analysis.


The finished product – a branch connection complete with repad – welds are not shown.


The start of the development: two solid parts – 1) the header and 2) OD and thickness of the final repad. The Repad is drawn on a plane tangent to the OD of the header.


This is the magic – the repad is flexed to match the OD of the header. The repad edge is perpendicular to the Header the whole way around.


The branch is extruded from a new plane at the end of its extent, down to the repad. The extrusion command merges the header, repad and branch.


Finally the branch hole is cut finishing the model. Welds can be added – there are no gaps for easier FEA analysis.