Pipe Stress Analysis Sample Report

This is a typical pipe stress analysis report here used for a small piping system. Download Report

This is the same model used for the article “Design Optimization with Pipe Stress Analysis” where changing a design to reduce pipe stresses is discussed.


P&ID of the sample system. This simple piping system conveys fluid from a storage tower to pump inlets.

Model created in Caesar II. All materials, sizes, dimensions and conditions have been loaded.

Maximum stresses. This picture is a summary from multiple load cases. Maximum stresses were found in the cases sustained, expansion and occasional. These stresses do not occur concurrently. These stresses are all acceptable.

Maximum displacements for the operating cases. These displacements are from different load cases and do not occur concurrently. The displacements are useful for determining piping clearances.

Maximum displacements for the occasional case. Again from different load cases which do not occur concurrently.

Read the report for more details. Download Report

[File 12755, May 2018 – AH / CM]

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