Fittings with CRNs

A short listing of CRN registered products. Contact the manufacturers for registration information.

Please note, this list is for reference only. CRNs have a 10 year life span, and we do not monitor and maintain the list for only active CRNs. Please contact individual manufacturers for current status.

Category A Fittings

Pipe fittings including couplings, tees, elbows, wyes, plugs, unions, nipples, pipe caps, and reducers

Category A Fittings

Pipe fittings including couplings, tees, elbows, wyes, plugs, unions, nipples, pipe caps, and reducers.

Access fitting assemblies Rohrback Cosasco Systems
Branch connections Gibson Products L.P.
Brass and stainless locking tube connectors Tylok International Inc.
Brass fittings Ipex Inc.
Breakaway valves Arta Armaturen Und Tankgeratebau Gmbh and Co.Kg
Butt weld pipe fittings Awaji Materia (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Bnv Piping Products Co., Ltd Ying Kou
Butt weld pipe fittings Canadoil Asia Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Custom Alloy
Butt weld pipe fittings Erne Fittings
Butt weld pipe fittings Ezeflow
Butt weld pipe fittings Flowline
Butt weld pipe fittings Formweld Fittings Inc.
Butt weld pipe fittings Huludao City Longgang Petrochemic Pipe Fittings Factory
Butt weld pipe fittings Luda (Yk) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Pantech Steel Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Tecnoforge Spa
Butt weld pipe fittings Thai Benkan Company Limited
Butt weld pipe fittings Tk Corporation
Butt weld pipe fittings Tube Forgings Of America
Butt weld pipe fittings Weldbend Corporation
Butt weld pipe fittings Welding Outlet Incorporated
Butt weld pipe fittings WFI International Inc.
Butt weld pipe fittings Yangzhou Huayu Pipe Fitting Co. Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Zibo Wel-Fit Metal Product Co. Ltd.
Carbon and stainless butt weld fittings Haitima Corporation
Cast and malleable iron fittings Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd.
Cast bronze fittings Lee Brass Company
Cast iron flanged fittings Mueller Co.
Clamp connector fittings Swagelok Biopharm Services Company
Clamp type pipe fittings Grayloc Products, Div. Of Abb Vetco Gray Inc.
District heating components Logstor A/S
Fittings up to 4″ dia Viega Propress Pipe Systems
Forged branch connections Phoenix Forge
Forged pipe fittings Bonney Forge Corporation
Forged pipe fittings Capitol Manufacturing
Forged pipe fittings I.M.L. Industria Meccanica Ligure S.P.A.
Forged pipe fittings Omc Raccordi
Forged pipe fittings Pennsylvania Machine Works Inc.
General fittings Aignep
General fittings Ingersoll Rand
General fittings Pro-Flange Ltd
General stainless steel fittings up to 12″ dia Andron Stainless Limited
Grooved fittings Shurjoint Metals Inc.
Grooved fittings Victaulic Company Of Canada Ltd.
High pressure forged fittings up to 4″ dia Vaibhav Fitting India Pvt. Ltd.
Instrument tube fittings Generant Company Inc.
Malleable iron and bronze fittings Siam Fittings
Malleable iron pipe fittings PT. Tri Sinar Purnama
Malleable iron pipe fittings Shijiazhuang Donghuan Malleable Iron Castings Co.
Malleable iron pipe fittings Ward Manufacturing Inc.
Nipples and couplings Beck Manufacturing Inc.
Olets Viar S.p.A.
Pipe fitting connectors Marshall Excelsior Company
Pipe fittings Both-Well Steel Fittings Co. Ltd.
Reducers swages and plugs Mills Iron Works
Socket and threaded fittings Ulma-Forja, S.Coop
Stainless and brass fittings Merit Brass
Stainless butt weld fittings Kanzen Tetsu Sdn Bhd
Stainless butt weld pipe fittings Felker Brothers Corporation
Stainless butt weld pipe fittings Outokumpu Stainless Tubular Products
Stainless elbows, reducers and tees Douglas Barwick Inc.
Stub ends Hilton Forge
Stub ends Jero Inc.
Threaded malleable iron fittings Anvil International Inc.
Up to 12″ seamless Stub End The Colonial Machine Company Inc.
Vacuum breakers The Johnson Corporation
Various pipe fittings Parker Hannifin Corporation

Category B Fittings


Flanges Shanxi Guanjiaying Forging Co., Ltd.
Flanges Shanxi Guanli Flange Ltd
Flanges Viar S.p.A.
Flanges Wuxi Huaan Flanges Co. Ltd
Flanges B16.47 Shinwoo Metal Co Ltd
Flanges B16.47 up to 36″ Pro-Flange Limited
Flanges B16.5 Sudhir Forgings
Flanges B16.5 & B16.34 up to 42″ dia Officine Nicola Galperti and Figlio Spa
Flanges B16.5 & B16.47 up to 16″ dia Uma Shanker Khandelwal and Co.
Flanges B16.5 & B16.47 up to 48″ dia Echjay Industries Private Ltd.
Flanges B16.5 & B16.47 up to 60″ dia General Flange and Forge Corporation
Flanges B16.5 & B16.47 up to 60″ dia Weldbend Corporation
Flanges B16.5 up to 16″ dia Munish Forge Private Limited
Flanges B16.5 up to 24″ dia Flowline Division
Flanges B16.5 up to 24″ dia Herticant Nv
Flanges B16.5 up to 24″ dia Officine Di Cortabbio Srl
Flanges B16.5 up to 24″ dia Precision Forgings Factory
Flanges B16.5 up to 4″ dia Welding Outlet Incorporated
Flanges B16.5, B16.24 Up to 11″ dia Lee Brass Company
Flanges B16.5, B16.36 & B16.47 up to 24″ dia Western Texas Forge and Flange
Flanges B16.5, B16.36 & B16.47 up to 48″ dia Friulana Flange
Flanges B16.5, B16.36 & B16.47 up to 48″ dia Futawa Flange Works Co. Ltd.
Flanges B16.5, B16.36 & B16.47 up to 60″ dia Gibson Products L.P.
Flanges B16.5, B16.47 Britex Engineering Works
Flanges B16.5, B16.47 & B16.36 up to 60″ dia Ulma-Forja, S.Coop
Flanges B16.5, B16.47 & B16.36 up to 36″ dia Fivebros Forgings Pvt. Ltd.
Flanges B16.5, B16.47 & B16.36 up to 60″ dia Eff Euro Flansch Fitting
Flanges B16.5, B16.47 & B16.36 up to 60″ dia Korea Flange Co.
Flanges B16.5, B16.36 & B16.47 up to 72″ dia Trilad Flanges and Fittings Inc.
Flanges B16.5, B16.47 & DIN 17440 up to 60″ dia Hilton Forge
Flanges B16.5, B16.47, B16.28 up to 60″ dia M. Geldbach (Shanxi) Flange and Fitting Co. Ltd.
Flanges B16.5, B16.47, B16.36, B16.48 Up to 60″ dia Felix Technology Co Ltd
Flanges B16.5, B16.47, B16.36, BS & DIN up to 36″ Haitima Corporation
Flanges B16.5, B16.47A, DIN, EN & BS up to 60″ dia Luda (Yk) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Flanges B16.5, B16.47up to 48″ dia Rollwell Forge Ltd.
Flanges DIN 2633 Flanschenwerk Bebitz Gmbh
Flanges up to 120mm dia Voss Fluid Gmbh and Co. Kg.
Flanges up to 4″ dia Viega Propress Pipe Systems
Flanges up to 60″ dia Officine Santafede Srl
Flanges up to 60″ dia San Eng Steel Forging Co. Ltd.
Flanges used in Industrial Refrigeration H.A. Phillips and Co.
Forged Flanges up to 54″ Sanghvi Forging & Eng. Ltd.
Orifice flanges up to 60″ dia Tercom s.r.l.

Category-C Fittings


Ball and Butterfly Valves Valpres S.R.L.
Ball and Needle Valves Legris Sa
Ball and plug valves Chemvalve Inc.
Ball valve Circor Tech
Butterfly valves Alberta Oil Tool, A Dover Company
Butterfly valves up to 12″ dia Interativa Industria, Comercio E Reprentacoes Ltda
Butterfly Valves Titan Flow Control Inc.
Check and Control Valves up to 24″ dia Dft Inc.
Check Valves up to 4″ dia Spx Process Equipment
Check Valves up to 20″ dia CheckAll Valve
Check, stop and relief valves Hale Hamilton (Valves) Ltd.
Check Valves Titan Flow Control Inc.
Choke and Safety Valves up to 3″ dia Taylor Valve Technology
Control valves Cci Valve Technology Ab
Control Valves Pibiviesse Srl
Diaphragm Valves up to 14″ dia Sed Flow Control Gmbh
Dual plate and non-slam check valves Goodwin International Ltd.
Externally controlled poppet valve Diamond Canapower
Flow Control Valves W.A. Kates Company
Flow Control and Poppet Valves ROSS Controls
Gas valves up to 6″ dia Fujikin Incorporated
Gate valves up to 8″ dia Jvs Engineers
Gate, Globe and Check Valves up to 8″ dia Ladish Valves
General Brass Valves United Brass Works Inc.
General cryogenic valves up to 4″ dia Bestobell Valves Limited
General Stainless Vavlves Somas Instrument Ab
General valves Apollo Valves
General valves Ampo, S. Coop. – Valvulas Poyam
General valves Abv S.R.L.
General valves Apv Rosista Gmbh
General valves Predator Valves
General valves Cameron
General valves Circle Seal Controls, Inc.
General valves Circor Energy Products
General valves Colton Industries
General valves Conval Inc.
General valves Crane Co.
General valves Dresser Inc.
General valves Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.
General valves Everlasting Valve Company Inc.
General valves Fair Fortunes Valve Co Ltd.
General valves Sino Base Metal Co. Limited
General valves Habonim Cast Products And Industrial Valves Ltd.
General valves Hyupjin Valve Ind. Co. Ltd.
General Valves Leslie Controls Inc.
General Valves Microfinish Valves Limited
General Valves Modentic Industrial Corporation
General Valves Multi Instruments
General Valves Narvick – Yarway B.V.
General Valves Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
General Valves Pacific Valves
General Valves Primary Fluid Systems Inc.
General Valves Proval Industrial Co. Ltd.
General Valves Schuf Valve Technology Gmbh
General Valves Valvitali S.P.A.
General Valves Vexve Oy
General valves and regulators Cashco Inc.
General Valves and Regulators up to 10″ dia Sensiflo, Subsidiary Of Cashco Inc.
General valves B16.34 Armstrong Yoshitake
General valves B16.34 up 36″ dia Hh Valves Ltd.
General valves B16.34 up to 2″ dia Bonney Forge Corporation
General valves brass, monel and stainless Hoke Inc.
General valves cast iron up to 24″ dia Bray Valves And Controls Canada
General valves DN10 to 400 Asv Stuebbe Gmbh And Co. Kg
General Valves up to 1.5″ dia Spence Engineering Co.
General valves up to 12″ dia Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration A/S
General valves up to 12″ dia Fetterolf Corporation
General Valves up to 12″ dia Red Point Alloys B.V.
General Valves up to 12″ dia Schubert & Salzer Control Systems Gmbh
General Valves up to 120″ dia Newco Valves Lp Dba Newmans
General Valves up to 120″ dia Ritepro Corporation
General Valves up to 136″ dia W.T. Armatur Gmbh & Co. Kg.
General valves up to 14″ dia Gemu Valves Inc.
General Valves up to 144″ dia Sartell Valves Inc
General Valves up to 144″ dia Valmatic Controls Inc.
General valves up to 16″ dia Gosco Valves
General valves up to 16″ dia Itt Richter Chemie-Technik Gmbh
General Valves up to 16″ dia Zheijang Victory Valve Co., Ltd.
General valves up to 2″ dia Asco
General valves up to 24″ dia Ever Metal Industry Co. Ltd.
General valves up to 24″ dia Icarus S.A.
General valves up to 24″ dia Itt Engineered Valves
General Valves up to 24″ dia Sempell Aktiengesellschaft
General Valves up to 24″ dia Strahman Valves Inc.
General Valves up to 24″ dia Sure Flow Equipment
General Valves up to 24″ dia Velan Inc.
General Valves up to 24″ dia Vir Valvoindustria Ing.
General valves up to 3″ dia Dalian Jag Flocomponents Co., Ltd.
General valves up to 3″ dia Fu San Machinery Co., Ltd.
General valves up to 3″ dia H.A. Phillips And Co.
General valves up to 30″ dia Flow Link Systems (P) Ltd.
General Valves up to 30″ dia Sure Seal Inc.
General valves up to 32″ dia Flowserve Corporation
General Valves up to 35″ dia Neotecha Ag
General valves up to 36″ dia Boteli Valve Group Co., Ltd.
General Valves up to 36″ dia Trueline Valve Corporation
General valves up to 4″ dia Viega Propress Pipe Systems
General valves up to 4″ dia Haitima Corporation
General valves up to 4″ dia King Valve Industrial Co. Ltd.
General Valves up to 4″ dia Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi Spa
General valves up to 48″ dia Dezurik Of Canada
General valves up to 48″ dia Jc Fabrica De Valvulas, S.A.
General valves up to 48″ dia Kitz Corporation
General Valves up to 48″ dia Valvosider S.R.L.
General Valves up to 48″ dia Victaulic Company Of Canada Ltd.
General Valves up to 52″ dia Yancheng H & M Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.
General valves up to 6″ dia Hansen Technologies Corporation
General Valves up to 6″ dia Revalco B.V.
General Valves up to 6″ dia Sudmo Components Gmbh
General Valves up to 6″ dia Tuchenhagen Gmbh
General valves up to 72″ dia Enflow Industries Inc.
General Valves up to 8″ dia Lvf S.P.A.
General Valves up to 88″ dia Pk Valve Co. Ltd.
Globe valves up to 8″ dia Cvs Controls Ltd.
HVAC valves Emerson Climate Technologies Ltd.
Knife, ball, butterfly and Vport valves Elite Valve Canada
Oil and Gas Valves Maxon Corporation.
Oil and Gas Valves Oliver Valves Limited
Pinch, Gate and Disc Valves up to 1″ dia Larox Flowsys Oy
Plastic and alloy valves Primary Fluid Systems
Plastic valves Chemline Plastics
Plastic valves Praher Plastics
Pressure Regulators Amico Corporation
Pressure Regulators Brooks Instrument
Pressure Regulators up to 4″ dia Spirax Sarco
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Valves Sporlan Valve Company
Regulators Marsh Bellofram
Severe Service Ball Valves Mogas Industries Inc.
Slurrey, Ball and Line Valves up to 24″ dia Watson Valve Services Inc
Specialty Valves Sherwood Harsco Corporation
Specialty Valves Harrison
Valves and Regulators Generant Company Inc.
Valves and Regulators Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd.
Valves and Regulators Marshall Excelsior Company
Valves and Regulators up to 4″ dia The Wellmark Company
Valves and Regulators up to 4″ dia Watson Mcdaniel
Valves B16.34 up to 60″ dia Gwc Valve International Inc.

Category D Fittings

Expansion Joints, Flexible Connections and Hose Assemblies.

Category D Fittings

Bellows and Flexible metal hose up to 14″ dia Flex-Pression Limited
Corrurgated and Braided Hose up to 30″ dia Connectall Ltee
Expansion Joints A.R. Thomson Group
Expansion Joints Dinatecnica Industria E Comercio Ltda.
Expansion Joints and Flexible Hose up to 48″ dia Thorburn Equipment Inc.
Expansion Joints and hoses up to 18″ dia Senior Flexonics Canada
Expansion Joints up to 24″ dia Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.
Expansion Joints, Bellows and Flexibile Hoses American Boa
Flexible Hose Irp Industrial Rubber Ltd.
Flexible Hose up to 12″ dia Us Hose Corp.
Flexible Hoses up to 1/2″ dia Swagelok Company
Flexible Metal Hose up to 12″ dia Hose Master Inc.
Slip Joints Adsco Manufacturing Llc.
Slip-Joints up to 24″ dia Advanced Thermal Systems Inc.
Various Hoses up to 2″ dia Parker Hannifin Canada
Various Hoses up to 3″ dia Cramer Decker Inustries

Category E Fittings

Strainers, filters, separators, and steam traps

Category E Fittings

Compressed Air filters up to 3″ dia Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.
Filters and Steam Traps up to 3″ dia Armstrong International
Filters up to 0.25″ dia A+ Corporation
Filters up to 1/4″ dia Swagelok Company
Filters up to 3″ dia Domnick Hunter Limited
General Filters and Separators Walker Filtration Ltd.
General Filters and Strainers John Brooks Company Ltd.
General Filters up to 3 1/8″ dia Emerson Climate Technologies Ltd.
General Strainers up to 16″ dia Spence Engineering Co.
Separators up to 3 1/8″ dia Temprite Company
Specialty Filters Donaldson Filtration Deutschland Gmbh
Steam Traps and Strainers Spirax Sarco
Steam Traps up to 2.5″ dia Richards Industries
Steam Traps up to 3″ dia Velan Valves Ltd.
Steam Traps up to 4″ dia Watson Mcdaniel
Steam Traps, Filters and Separators Tlv Co. Ltd.
Strainers and Steam Traps up to 2″ dia United Brass Works Inc.
Basket Strainers Titan Flow Control Inc.
Y-Strainers Titan Flow Control Inc.
Strainers up to 16″ dia Mueller Steam Specialty
Strainers up to 20″ dia Islip Flow Controls Inc.
Strainers up to 20″ dia Sure Flow Equipment
Strainers up to 48″ dia Valvosider S.R.L.
Strainers up to 6″ dia Hansen Technologies Corporation
Y Strainers up to 12″ dia Kitz Corporation

Category F Fittings

Measuring devices, including pressure gauges, level gauges, sight glasses, levels and pressure transmitters

Category F Fittings

Electric Level Controllers Pathway Control Products Inc.
Flow Meters Amvex Corp.
Flow Meters Brooks Instrument
Flow Meters Rota Yokogawa Gmbh & Co.
Flow Meters Yamatake Corporation
Flow Transmitters Kurz Instruments Inc.
Flow, Level, Temperature and Pressure Gauges Krohne Altometer
General Measurment Devices Abb Automation Products Gmbh
Glass Magnetic Level Gauges Clark-Reliance Corp.
Level and Flow Gauges Kenco Engineering
Level Gauges H.A. Phillips & Co.
Level Gages, including RWA-17 Weld Pad Style Inferno Manufacturing Corperation
Level Gauges and Transmitters Orion Instruments
Level Sensors Ohmart/Vega Corporation
Level, Pressure and Temperature Gauges Ametek Process Instruments
Pressure Gauges and Calibrators Crystal Engineering Corporation
Pressure Gauges and Transmitters Anderson Instrument Company Inc.
Pressure Gauges, Transmitters and Switches Ashcroft Inc.
Pressure Sensors Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd.
Pressure Transmitters Kistler Instrumente Ag
Pressure, Flow and Level Gauges Asv Stuebbe Gmbh & Co. Kg
Process Instrumentation Baumer Bourdon Haenni Sas
Process Instrumentation Cameron, Measurement Systems Div
Process Instrumentation Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical
Process Instrumentation Endress & Hauser Flowtec Ag
Process Instrumentation Hansen Technologies Corporation
Process Instrumentation Honeywell International Inc.
Process Instrumentation K-Tek, Llc
Process Instrumentation Quality Machining & Metal Works Inc.
Process Instrumentation Siemens Ag
Process Instrumentation Sor
Process Instrumentation Telematic Controls
Process Instrumentation The Wellmark Company
Process Instrumentation Winters Instruments
Process Refractometers K-Patents Oy
Pulsation Dampener, Pressure Gauges and Limiting Switches Mid-West Instrument
Pulse Burst Radar Transmitter, Magnetic Level Gauges Magnetrol International Inc.
Sight Glasses and Liquid Level Gauges L.J. Star Incorporated
Sight Glasses up to 6″ dia Itt Richter Chemie-Technik Gmbh
Sight Glasses up to 8″ dia Neotecha Ag
Thermowells Daily Thermetrics Corp.
Thermowells Endress+Hauser
Thermowells Mac-Weld Machining Ltd.
Ultra Sonic Flow Meter Sick Engineering Gmbh
Various Sight Glasses Pressure Products Company Inc.

Category G Fittings

Safety valves, relief valves, safety relief valves and rupture discs

Category G Fittings

Buckling Pin Valves Bs & B Safety Systems Inc.
Low Pressure Rupture Disks up to 12″ dia Zook Canada Inc.
PR Valves Up to 1″ dia up to 350 PSI Conrader Valves
Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves up to 2″ dia Cash Acme / Reliance Worldwide
Rupture Disks up to 1.25″ dia Fike Corporation
Rupture Disks up to 28″ dia Elfab Ltd.
Safety Valves Various Types ROSS Controls
Safety Relief Valves Aquatrol Inc.
Safety Relief Valves Ari Armaturen Albert Richter Gmbh & Co. Kg
Safety Relief Valves Nouva General Instruments
Safety Relief Valves Seetru Limited
Safety Relief Valves Taylor Valve Technology
Safety Relief Valves up to 1″ dia F. C. Kingston Company
Safety Relief Valves up to 1″ dia R. Conrader Company
Safety Relief Valves up to 1.5″ dia Parker Hannifin Corp., Refrigerating Specialties D
Safety Relief Valves up to 3″ dia Cyrus Shank
Safety Relief Valves up to 3″ dia Farris Engineering, Div. Of Curtiss-Wright Flow Co
Safety Relief Valves up to 3″ dia Hydroseal Valve Company
Safety Relief Valves up to 3/4″ dia Flow Safe Inc.
Safety Relief Valves up to 3/8″ dia Hui Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Safety Relief Valves up to 6″ dia Conbraco Industries Inc.
Safety Relief Valves up to 6″ dia Leser Gmbh & Co. Kg.
Safety Relief Valves up to 8″ dia Mercer Valve Company Inc.

Category H Fittings

Miscellaneous pressure retaining components which do not fall under the previous categories

Category H Fittings

Accumulators up to 5.4″ dia Accumulators Inc.
Accumulators various lengths, up to 6″ dia Parker Hannifin Corporation Accumulator Div.
Air Relief Valve Diamond Power Specialty Company
Auto Purger Assemblies Hansen Technologies Corporation
Basket Strainer Assemblies up to 6″ x 10″ Islip Flow Controls Inc.
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Itt Standard
Cam & Groove Couplings Dixon Bayco Limited
Compression Desiccant Dryers Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.
Cooker/ Cooler System Charlottetown Metal Products
Couplings Emco Wheaton Gmbh
Diaphram Seals up to 1′ dia Ashcroft Instruments Canada Inc.
Direct Steam Injection Liquid Heaters Pick Heaters Inc.
Evaporator Coils Evapco Inc.
Evaporators Baltimore Aircoil Of Canada Inc.
Filter and Membrane Assemblies up to 3″ dia Parker Hannifin Corporation
Filter and Membrane Housings & Vessels Sommer & Strassburger GmbH & Co.KG
Filter Housings Donaldson Filtration Deutschland Gmbh
Flowcell Flowmeters up to 24″ dia Ge Industrial Sensing.
Heat Exchangers Aero Heat Exchanger Inc.
Heat Exchangers HRS Heat Exchangers
Heliflow Coil Head Exchangers Graham Corporation
Humidifiers and Heat Exchangers Armstrong International
Intelliflow System Pressure Controller up to 8″ dia Ingersoll Rand Company
Liqui-Mover Fluid Handling Devices Kadant Johnson Inc.
Oil Separators and Pressure Vessels Gianesi Edilio S.R.L.
Plate Heat Exchangers Alfa Laval Flow Equipment (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.
Positive Displacement Meters and Swivel Joints Fmc Measurement Solutions
Pressure Regulators up to 0.5″ dia A+ Corporation Llc
Pressure Vessels Gbm S.R.L.
Pressure Vessels Kramer Gmbh Industriebehalter
Pressure Vessels and Transport Cradles Kramer Decker Inustries
Pulsation Dampener Flowguard Ltd.
Recviever Tanks and Air/Oil Seperators Lagrange Products Inc.
Refridgerant Evaporator Coils Guntner De Mexico S.A. De C.V.
Refridgeration and Compressed Air dryers Parker Hiross S.P.A.
Refridgeration Dryers and Seperators Domnick Hunter Hiross S.P.A.
Regulation Module 1″ Piping and Tubing Hager Industries Inc.
Rotary Joints up to 3″ dia Kadant Johnson Inc.
Sampling Valves Dovianus B.V.
Sanitary Clamps Titan group Supply
Sanitary Fittings Rodger Industries Inc.
Sanitary Fittings TriCanada
Seal Pots, Thermowells and Orifice Plates up to 24″ dia Mac-Weld Machining Ltd.
Sealer Cooler Flowserve Fsd Corporation
Simplair Compressed Air Piping System up to 150mm dia Ingersoll Rand Company
Small Pressure Vessels, Oil Seperators and Housing Bwb Behalter-Werk Burgau Gmbh
Steam Heater Rig Hazloc Heaters Inc.
Steam Injection Heaters Hydro Thermal Corporation
Tank and cylinder fittings Phoenix Forge
Thermal Sensors w/ Fitting, Thermowells, Sanitary Thermowells Daily Thermetrics
Thermal Transfer Products Api Airtech
Vapourizers Algas-Sdi

Fittings with CRNs FAQ

Frequently asked questions about finding registered fittings.

Fittings with CRNs FAQ


Why does this list exist? It is hard to find CRN registered components. If you are designing a new product for the Canadian market, or converting a standard product into something that can be used in Canada, finding fittings with CRNs is one of your hardest tasks. Once found, getting the required information from the manufacturer can be even harder – more below.

I am a designer, what do I need to know to use a CRN product? Unfortunately this list only gives you the name of a manufacturer and a link to their website. At the time it was entered on the list it had a CRN. Obviously you need to know the products model number and pressure temperature rating (P&T) or class. Watch out, the required P&T rating is the one registered which can be different from the manufacturers catalog rating, and can vary by province. Additionally you will require the material grade that the product is made from (not general info like stainless or 304 stainless, but very specific information like SA-479 304 stainless). Review the expiry date so that it will not expire during registration or construction, and check what standard it was registered under. 

I am a manufacturer, what do my customers need to know to use my product? Having a current CRN number is just the start; see above for the list of customer requirements. Usually the combination of the letter of registration and the statutory declaration provides this information. For complex catalog product line registrations, additional charts with Pressure Temperature ratings are required. Your customers can not get this information from the jurisdictions, and if you are not able to provide it, they cannot use your product.

Is there any place to get registration information? Yes, most manufacturers listed on this page have their products registered in Atlantic Canada so they have a listing with ACI Canada ( All listings provide expiry dates and code of registration, some provide registered P&T ratings, some provide material information. Unfortunately, in its current design it is impossible to search the ACI CRN listings to find product categories. It is also impossible for us to link directly to the ACI listings, but once you find a manufacturer on the list on this site, it is easy to search for more information through the ACI CRN site.

Example: if you are looking for B16.9 butt weld fittings, a number of manufacturers are listed under category A on the listings on this page. Picking one at random, Flowline is listed as having a CRN. On (left side navigation bar, “Search CRN Registration Database”), more information about the company’s registered products can be found: the expiry date, the code of construction and what materials are registered. Pressure rating is listed “same as straight pipe” so no special calculations or ratings apply, just use as required by the vessel or piping code you are using to design your product that adopts the B16.9 standard. If your product will end up in one of the ACI member provinces, all the required information has been found. If it is for some other province, the manufacturer needs to be contacted to make sure that the product is registered, the expiry date, and that the standard P&T ratings and listed materials still apply. This is usually worthwhile because most fittings registered with ACI are also registered in other Canadian provinces.

Unfortunately non ACI member provinces do not release this vitally important information. The jurisdictions have this information, and need to make it available, but have not done so yet. For now we make do.

Update Nov 2016: ABSA has released a preliminary database of products registered in Alberta.  More info here.  Unfortunately this preliminary tool can only be used to verify that a CRN number is valid in Alberta.  It cannot be used to search for products or manufacturers.  But it can be used to check that products registered by ACI can also be used in Alberta, which is also a hint that they might be available Canada wide.

How important is the registration expiry date? Very important! Two dates apply: 1) the registration date. Without a current CRN, registration of a vessel or piping system is not possible. It is your job to know the expiry date, not the reviewers, but some reviewers check. 2) For piping systems, when complete, the shop will sign off on the certificate of compliance portion of the piping registration form. Typical wording (from Ontario form PV 09052 05/09)

“All valves and fittings have been duly registered, are of correct schedule and/or ANSI service rating and compatible with the required service condition.”

An expired fitting is not duly registered. If the expiry date is close to the expected product ship date, contact the manufacturer to make sure they are renewing the CRN.

After fabrication is finished and signed off, the registration can expire. It is the duty of the owner to keep the system in fit operating order, including replacing registered components with identical parts, expired or not. In other words, in the field, you must replace a fitting with an identical fitting, even if the CRN has expired. If the fittings need to be changed, then the system design registration needs to be updated including information on the new parts which need current CRNs.

My product is not listed here, why not? Because you didn’t ask. It’s free, see the contact information to the right.

I am a manufacturer, why should I list my products here? Did we mention it is free? Seriously, even in its preliminary form, about 800 viewers a month look at this page (Aug 2016, continuously increasing). They are trying to find CRN listed fittings. To be truly useful, we need more manufacturers on this list, and the manufacturers need to post more information required by users.

I have registered my fittings and have a CRN number, how do I mark the parts? Fittings require markings to be applied as per CSA B51.  CSA B51 states that “Fittings shall be permanently marked as required by MSS SP-25”.  MSS SP-25 allows the use of cast, forged or stamped identification markings, or the attachment of an identification plate, or both.  The manufacturer’s name or trademark that was used on the Statutory Declaration during the CRN registration process must be used as the marking on each part.  The CRN number itself does not have to be on the part, but some provinces do specify to identify it “whenever physically possible”.

CRN Registration at PVEng

We have helped more than a thousand customers to secure CRN registrations across all jurisdictions. We are experts in the specialized field of pressure equipment design and registration.

  • Integrated design, review and registration services
  • Extensive knowledge of registration requirements, including what needs registering and what is exempt province by province
  • We work to many ASME codes – VIII-1, VIII-2, I, IV, B31.1, B31.3, B31.5 and others
  • Design validation by burst test to many codes

Other Services

ASME Code DesignWe work to many ASME standards to design and validate pressure vessels, boiler, fittings and piping systems.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)We use FEA to design and validate fittings and vessels that cannot be designed by rule-based codes like VIII-1 or B31.3.

Pipe Stress Analysis Pipe stress analysis is mandatory for British Columbia registration and it is recommended practice for many other systems.

About Us

Pressure Vessel Engineering has twenty years of successful experience in the pressure vessel field working for more than a thousand customers.

  • Ten Professional Engineers on staff licensed to stamp and sign off on designs for use in all Canadian jurisdictions.
  • Fast and professional assistance from our team.

Need help? Our contact information is to the right.

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