CSA B51-14 Table 1: Categories of Fittings
Category Type of Fitting
A Pipe fittings, including couplings, tees, elbows, wyes, plugs, unions, pipe caps, and reducers
B All flanges
C All line valves
D All types of expansion joints, flexible connections, and hose assemblies
E Strainers, filters, separators, and steam traps
F Measuring devices, including pressure gauges, level gauges, sight glasses, levels, and pressure transmitters
G Certified capacity-rated pressure relief devices acceptable as primary overpressure protection on boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping, and fusible plugs
H Pressure-retaining components that do not fall into Categories A to G

Some typical fitting registration numbers:

0A5983.1 Category A piping fitting issued by BCSA.
0B09081.234567890YTN Category B flange registration issued by ABSA. Registration was not required or not available in B.C. Registration is no longer required in Saskatchewan, but was requried at the time of registration.
0B09081.2CL Same fitting, accepted Canada Wide abbreviation because BC is not required, note TSASK has been issued but is no longer required and could be dropped at the time of renewal. The “CL” designation indicates that the number has been issued everywhere it is required.
0C07555.2C Category C valve fitting, first issued by ABSA, registered Canada Wide. This fitting no longer needs registration in Saskatchewan. Registration in B.C. is currently still required because the design is not listed in the B31 piping codes.  If registered today it would be 0C07555.2CL
0H10655.5ADD1 Addenda of an Ontario CRN, first issued by Ontario. See addends below.
R0292.51467890YTN FITG A category “H” fitting that must be registered as a vessel, like a dental autoclave, which is too small to be a vessel but must be registered as a vessel regardless – or – a category “H” item which contains both vessel and fittings (a line of products that starts off fitting size but becomes vessel as a dimension like length changes).
FITG can also indicate an item that was first registered as a pressure vessel in a province other than Ontario, but is defined as a fitting in Ontario. Usually there is no statutory declaration.


Fitting registrations expire 10 years after issuing. An addendum updates some details of an application, but the clock is not reset. For example, a CRN addended 5 years after issue will still expire after 5 more years (or 10 years after the original registration date).

0C12887.5C A valve registration issued by Ontario, accepted Canada wide.
0C12887.5CADD1 One year later, the scope of registration has been expanded and accepted Canada wide. Additional valves or configurations have been added to the scope of registration, but the original registration has not been reviewed to save time and cost. The expiration date remains the original date.  The latest code in effect at the time of addenda is used to cover the addenda.
0C12887.5CADD2 Again, the CRN has been addended, and again only the additional scope has been reviewed by the jurisdictions. The expiry date remains that of the first registration.  Again, the latest code in effect at the time of addenda is used to cover the addenda.


A revision requires the examination of the complete file against the current code edition, (not the edition in effect for the date of original submission). The revision process must start at the first province to maintain the original number and then be repeated with all other provinces where registration was already completed. Once complete, the revision maintains the original expiry date from the initial submission.

0A5609.5 CRN issued by Ontario for a standard category A fitting (pipe fittings, including couplings, tees, elbows, wyes, plugs, unions, pipe caps, and reducers). The registration expires in Ontario 10 years after the date of issue.
0A05609.52467890YTN The CRN after all jurisdictions have accepted it. The registration expires everywhere on the Ontario expiry date. This standard category A fitting does not require registration in B.C. or Saskatchewan (“1” and “3” are missing from the number).
0A05609.5CL A convenient short form indicating that the fitting has been registered everywhere it is mandatory. The shortform is created by the customer, not the jurisdictions (unless the Canada wide registration is done by a jurisdiction).
0A5609.5R1 The CRN has been revised with Ontario, the first province of registration. The CRN now expires in Ontario 10 years after the revised CRN date.
0A5609.52 Alberta has accepted the revised CRN, Alberta does not include revisions or addends in the CRN number.  The fitting can be used for new designs in Alberta until the Ontario expiry date.
0A05609.52467890YTNR1 The revised CRN has been accepted by the remaining jurisdictions. The CRN is now acceptable everywhere until the new Ontario expiry date.
0A05609.5CLR1 Again the convenient short form indicating that the revised fitting has been registered everywhere it is mandatory. The R1 notification that was not included in the Alberta registration will be ignored if it is used in Alberta submissions.


Saskatchewan standard category A, B, C and G fittings are exempt.

British Columbia standard category A, B, C and G fittings are exempt.

Manitoba standard category A, B, C and G fittings are exempt.