Accumulators up to 5.4″ dia Accumulators Inc.
Accumulators various lengths, up to 6″ dia Parker Hannifin Corporation Accumulator Div.
Air Relief Valve Diamond Power Specialty Company
Auto Purger Assemblies Hansen Technologies Corporation
Basket Strainer Assemblies up to 6″ x 10″ Islip Flow Controls Inc.
Bladder Accumulators up to 9″ dia Hydac International
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Itt Standard
Cam & Groove Couplings Dixon Bayco Limited
Compression Desiccant Dryers Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.
Contour Headwall System Hill-Rom Co.
Cooker/ Cooler System Charlottetown Metal Products
Couplings Emco Wheaton Gmbh
Diaphram Seals up to 1′ dia Ashcroft Instruments Canada Inc.
Direct Steam Injection Liquid Heaters Pick Heaters Inc.
Evaporator Coils Evapco Inc.
Evaporators Baltimore Aircoil Of Canada Inc.
Filter and Membrane Assemblies up to 3″ dia Parker Hannifin Corporation
Filter and Membrane Housings & Vessels Sommer & Strassburger GmbH & Co.KG
Filter Housing Dollinger International
Filter Housings Donaldson Filtration Deutschland Gmbh
Flowcell Flowmeters up to 24″ dia Ge Industrial Sensing.
Heat Exchanger, Condensers up to 5″ NPS Connections Henry Technologies Ltd.
Heat Exchangers Aero Heat Exchanger Inc.
Heat Exchangers HRS Heat Exchangers
Heliflow Coil Head Exchangers Graham Corporation
Humidifiers and Heat Exchangers Armstrong International
Intelliflow System Pressure Controller up to 8″ dia Ingersoll Rand Company
Liqui-Mover Fluid Handling Devices Kadant Johnson Inc.
Oil Separators and Pressure Vessels Gianesi Edilio S.R.L.
Panametrics Flowmeters Ge Panametrics
Plate and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Flatplate Inc.
Plate Heat Exchangers Alfa Laval Flow Equipment (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.
Positive Displacement Meters and Swivel Joints Fmc Measurement Solutions
Pressure Regulators up to 0.5″ dia A+ Corporation Llc
Pressure Vessels Gbm S.R.L.
Pressure Vessels Kramer Gmbh Industriebehalter
Pressure Vessels and Transport Cradles Cramer Decker Inustries
Pulsation Dampener Flowguard Ltd.
Reciever Tanks up to 6″ dia Blissfield Manufacturing Co.
Recviever Tanks and Air/Oil Seperators Lagrange Products Inc.
Refridgerant Evaporator Coils Guntner De Mexico S.A. De C.V.
Refridgeration and Compressed Air dryers Parker Hiross S.P.A.
Refridgeration Dryers and Seperators Domnick Hunter Hiross S.P.A.
Regulation Module 1″ Piping and Tubing Hager Industries Inc.
Rotary Joints up to 3″ dia Kadant Johnson Inc.
Sampling Valves Dovianus B.V.
Seal Pots, Thermowells and Orifice Plates up to 24″ dia Mac-Weld Machining Ltd.
Sealer Cooler Flowserve Fsd Corporation
Simplair Compressed Air Piping System up to 150mm dia Ingersoll Rand Company
Small Pressure Vessels, Oil Seperators and Housing Bwb Behalter-Werk Burgau Gmbh
Steam Heater Rig Hazloc Heaters Inc.
Steam Injection Heaters Hydro Thermal Corporation
Tank and cylinder fittings Phoenix Forge
Thermal Transfer Products Api Airtech
Thermowells Daily Thermetrics Corporation
Thermowells Emerson Climate Technologies Ltd.
Vapourizers Algas-Sdi