Bellows and Flexible metal hose up to 14″ dia Flex-Pression Limited
Corrurgated and Braided Hose up to 30″ dia Connectall Ltee
Expansion Joints A.R. Thomson Group
Expansion Joints Dinatecnica Industria E Comercio Ltda.
Expansion Joints and Flexible Hose up to 48″ dia Thorburn Equipment Inc.
Expansion Joints and hoses up to 18″ dia Senior Flexonics Canada
Expansion Joints up to 24″ dia Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.
Expansion Joints, Bellows and Flexibile Hoses American Boa
Flexible Hose Irp Industrial Rubber Ltd.
Flexible Hose up to 12″ dia Us Hose Corp.
Flexible Hoses up to 1/2″ dia Swagelok Company
Flexible Metal Hose up to 12″ dia Hose Master Inc.
Slip Joints Adsco Manufacturing Llc.
Slip-Joints up to 24″ dia Advanced Thermal Systems Inc.
Various Hoses up to 2″ dia Parker Hannifin Canada
Various Hoses up to 3″ dia Cramer Decker Inustries