Pipe fittings including couplings, tees, elbows, wyes, plugs, unions, nipples, pipe caps, and reducers.

Access fitting assemblies Rohrback Cosasco Systems
Branch connections Gibson Products L.P.
Brass and stainless locking tube connectors Tylok International Inc.
Brass fittings Ipex Inc.
Breakaway valves Arta Armaturen Und Tankgeratebau Gmbh and Co.Kg
Butt weld pipe fittings Awaji Materia (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Bnv Piping Products Co., Ltd Ying Kou
Butt weld pipe fittings Canadoil Asia Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Custom Alloy
Butt weld pipe fittings Erne Fittings
Butt weld pipe fittings Ezeflow
Butt weld pipe fittings Flowline
Butt weld pipe fittings Formweld Fittings Inc.
Butt weld pipe fittings Huludao City Longgang Petrochemic Pipe Fittings Factory
Butt weld pipe fittings Luda (Yk) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Pantech Steel Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Tecnoforge Spa
Butt weld pipe fittings Thai Benkan Company Limited
Butt weld pipe fittings Tk Corporation
Butt weld pipe fittings Tube Forgings Of America
Butt weld pipe fittings Weldbend Corporation
Butt weld pipe fittings Welding Outlet Incorporated
Butt weld pipe fittings WFI International Inc.
Butt weld pipe fittings Yangzhou Huayu Pipe Fitting Co. Ltd.
Butt weld pipe fittings Zibo Wel-Fit Metal Product Co. Ltd.
Carbon and stainless butt weld fittings Haitima Corporation
Cast and malleable iron fittings Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd.
Cast bronze fittings Lee Brass Company
Cast iron flanged fittings Mueller Co.
Clamp connector fittings Swagelok Biopharm Services Company
Clamp type pipe fittings Grayloc Products, Div. Of Abb Vetco Gray Inc.
District heating components Logstor A/S
Fittings up to 4″ dia Viega Propress Pipe Systems
Forged branch connections Phoenix Forge
Forged pipe fittings Bonney Forge Corporation
Forged pipe fittings Capitol Manufacturing
Forged pipe fittings I.M.L. Industria Meccanica Ligure S.P.A.
Forged pipe fittings Omc Raccordi
Forged pipe fittings Pennsylvania Machine Works Inc.
General fittings Aignep
General fittings Ingersoll Rand
General fittings Pro-Flange Ltd
General stainless steel fittings up to 12″ dia Andron Stainless Limited
Grooved fittings Shurjoint Metals Inc.
Grooved fittings Victaulic Company Of Canada Ltd.
High pressure forged fittings up to 4″ dia Vaibhav Fitting India Pvt. Ltd.
Instrument tube fittings Generant Company Inc.
Malleable iron and bronze fittings Siam Fittings
Malleable iron pipe fittings PT. Tri Sinar Purnama
Malleable iron pipe fittings Shijiazhuang Donghuan Malleable Iron Castings Co.
Malleable iron pipe fittings Ward Manufacturing Inc.
Nipples and couplings Beck Manufacturing Inc.
Olets Viar S.p.A.
Pipe fitting connectors Marshall Excelsior Company
Pipe fittings Both-Well Steel Fittings Co. Ltd.
Reducers swages and plugs Mills Iron Works
Socket and threaded fittings Ulma-Forja, S.Coop
Stainless and brass fittings Merit Brass
Stainless butt weld fittings Kanzen Tetsu Sdn Bhd
Stainless butt weld pipe fittings Felker Brothers Corporation
Stainless butt weld pipe fittings Outokumpu Stainless Tubular Products
Stainless elbows, reducers and tees Douglas Barwick Inc.
Stub ends Hilton Forge
Stub ends Jero Inc.
Threaded malleable iron fittings Anvil International Inc.
Up to 12″ seamless Stub End The Colonial Machine Company Inc.
Vacuum breakers The Johnson Corporation
Various pipe fittings Parker Hannifin Corporation