Pipe and Shell Design Tool ver E5.00
pipe and shell
 Do [in] - outside diameter 
 t [in] - nominal wall thickness
 L [in] -length
 Corr [in] - corrosion allowance
Material and Conditions:    
 S [psi] - allowable stress 
 El - long seam efficiency (circ stress)
 Ec - circ seam efficiency (long stress)
Typical = 12.5% for pipe
or 0% for rolled plates and machined elements
 UTP [%] - undertolerance allowance
 P [psi] - interior pressure
Calculated Properties:          
Volume [cuft] =  This sheet is for educational use only - use at your own risk.
Weight [lb] =  The UG-16(b) minimum thickness calculation is not included.
UT [in] = t*UTP =  This sheet cannot be used to check vacuum loads.
nt [in] = t-Corr-UT = 
Ri [in] = Do/2-nt = 
Required Thickness: UG-27(c)(1,2)          
ta [in] =  P*Ri/(S*El-0.6*P)    long sem
tb [in] =  P*Ri/(2*S*Ec+0.4*P)   circ seam
Treq [in] =  MAX(ta,tb)
Maximum Pressure: UG-27(c)(1,2)          
Pint1 [psi] =  (S*El*nt)/(Ri+0.6*nt)  long seam
Pint2 [psi] =  (2*S*Ec*nt)/(Ri-0.4*nt)  circ seam
PMax [psi] =  Min(Pint1,Pint2)
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