Nozzle with Repad Design Tool ver E5.00  
Shell Inputs:                  
 Sv [psi] - allowable stress 
Usually E=1.00 unless the nozzle is located on a vessel seam.
 E1 - efficiency of shell at nozzle
Thickness after removal of undertolerance or thinout. Use nt from the corresponding head or pipe and shell program
 nt [in] - nominal shell wall thickness
Use one of the following based on nozzle location:
nozzle in pipe/shell - See Treq from pipe and shell program
nozzle in head - See Treq from corresponding head program
 Treq [in] - required shell wall thickness
 sca [in] - shell corrosion allowance
Nozzle Inputs:                  
 Sn [psi] - allowable stress 
Efficiency of the nozzle long seam.
 E - nozzle efficiency
 Do [in] - outside diameter of nozzle
Do not remove pipe undertolerance.
 Nwall [in] - nominal wall thickness of nozzle
-12.5% for pipe
-0.0% for rolled plates and machined elements
 UTP [%] - undertolerance allowance
 Lp [in] - exterior projection of nozzle
Set to zero if there is no internal projection
 Ip [in] - interior projection of nozzle
 nca [in] - nozzle corrosion allowance
 Pn [psi] - interior pressure
 Sp [psi] - allowable stress of repad
 te [in] - repad thickness
 Dp [in] - outside diameter
 Leg41 [in] - fillet size
 Leg42 [in] - fillet size
 Leg43 [in] - fillet size
UT [in] =  Nwall*UTP
Rn [in] =  Do/2 - (Nwall-nca) + UT
ti [in] =  Nwall-2*nca
h [in] =  MIN(Ip-sca,2.5*nt,2.5*ti)
tn [in] =  Nwall-nca
d [in] =  Do-2*tn
fr1 =  MIN(Sn/Sv,1)
fr2 =  MIN(Sn/Sv,1)
fr3 =  MIN(Sn/Sv,Sp/Sv,1)
fr4 =  MIN(Sp/Sv,1)
Required Nozzle Thickness: UG-27(c)(1,2)            
trnR [in] =  (Pn*Rn)/(Sn*1 - 0.6*Pn)
 Area Replacement:                 
Ar [in^2] =  1*d*Treq*1+2*tn*Treq*1*(1-fr1)   required Area
A1 [in^2] =  max(d,  2*(nt+tn)) * (E1*nt-1*Treq)-2*tn*(E1*nt-1*Treq)*(1-fr1)
A2 [in^2] =  min((tn-trnR)*fr2*min(5*nt,2*Lp),(tn-trnR)*(Min(2.5*tn+te,2*Lp)*fr2*2))
A3 [in^2] =  Min(5*nt*ti*fr2,5*ti*ti*fr2,2*h*ti*fr2)
A5 [in^2] =  (Dp-d-2*tn)*te*fr4
A41 [in^2] =  Leg41^2*fr3
A42 [in^2] =  Leg42^2*fr4
A43 [in^2] =  (Leg43-nca)^2*fr2
Aa [in^2] =  A1+A2+A3+A5+A41+A42+A43    actual area
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