F&D Head Design Tool ver E5.06  
 Description FD
 Do [in] - outside diameter of head
 L [in] - inside crown radius (note 1)
Setting L and IKR per note 1 and 2 will calculate a head with the optional ratio of UG-32(d)
 IKR [in] - inside knuckle radius (note 2)
 tb [in] - thickness before forming
If not specified, value indicated by note 3 is suggested.
 tf [in] - thickness after forming (note 3)
 Corr [in] - corrosion allowance
Volume of skirt is included in volume calculation
 Skirt [in] - straight skirt length
Material and Conditions: This sheet is for educational use only - use at your own risk.    
See UCS-79(d), UNF-79(d), UG-37(a)(1) for head stress relief.
 S [psi] - allowable stress  L and IKR per UG-32(j) are optional, other values can be used.
Efficiency of weld in head. Not efficiency of head to shell.
 E - head  efficiency This sheet cannot be used to check for vacuum loads.
This sheet can only be used to check for internal pressure
 P [psi] - interior pressure App. 1-4(f) and UG-16(b) calculations are not included
Calculated Properties:     Pounds [steel] =     
note 1: L per UG-32(j) = 
Volume (with skirt) [cuft] = 
note 2: IKR per UG-32(j) = 
Ro [in]= L+tb  =
note 3: Likely tf = 
M = 0.25*(3+sqrt(L/IKR)) = 
nt [in] = tf-Corr = 
Required Thickness: App. 1-4(a), App. 1-4(d)            
Treq [in] = (P*L*M)/(2*S*E-0.2*P)+Corr
Maximum Pressure: App. 1-4(a), App. 1-4(d)            
Pmax [psi] = (2*S*E*nt)/(L*M+0.2*nt)
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