Cone Layout Tool ver E5.00

Cone Layout Tool
Cone Layout Tool
Cone Layout Tool
Cone Inputs:
 LOD [in] - OD of the large pipe 
 SOD [in] - OD of the small pipe
 L [in] - cone length
 t [in] - cone and large pipe thickness
Calculated Variables:
Y [in] = ((LOD-2*t)-SOD)/2 =
B [rad] = ATAN(Y/L) =
BL [in] = SQRT(Y^2+L^2) =
DL [in] = SQRT(BL^2+t^2) =
G [rad] = ATAN(t/DL) =
GB [deg] = Degrees(G+B) =
Y2 [in] = (t*cos(Radians(GB)))/2 =
DDO [in] = (LOD-2*t)/2+Y2 =
DDI [in] = SOD/2-Y2 =
Layout Dimensions:
Ri [in] = DDI/(sin(Radians(GB))) =
Ro [in] = DDO/(sin(Radians(GB))) =
Theta [deg] = (DDI/Ri)*360 =
This design tool calculates thickness corrected cones where the inside of the large end 
touches the inside of the large pipe (ie, the large pipe and cone have the same
thickness) and where the outside of the small end touches the outside of the
small pipe.  Adjust the length of the cone as required to get the desired cone angle GB.
Ri, Ro and all trim lines share the same origin.  Brake press bend lines also pass through
the origin.
This program is intended for educational use only.  Pressure Vessel Engineering Ltd. Is 
not responsible for its use.
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