Cone Design Tool ver E5.01

Dimensions:     Cone - Inside Presurized      
 ODL [in] - outside diameter of large end
 ODS [in] - outside diameter of small end
 t [in] - thickness
 L [in] -length
 Corr [in] - corrosion allowance
Material and Conditions:            
 S [psi] - allowable stress 
 E - long seam efficiency
 P [psi] - interior pressure
Calculated Properties:            
Pounds [steel] = 
Treq provides a worst case required thickness for nozzle analysis.
Volume [cuft] = 
UG-16(b) minimum thickness requirement is not calculated.
a [rad] =
Discontinuity checks are required for each end of the cone.
angle [deg] =
This sheet cannot be used to check for allowable exterior pressure loads.
nt [in] =
This sheet is for educational use only - use at your own risk.
 Required Thickness: VIII-1 App 1-4 e)            
Treq [in] = P*ODL/(2*COS(a)*(S*E+0.4*P)) + Corr
 Maximum Pressure: VIII-1 App 1-4(e)            
Pmax [psi] = 2*S*E*nt*cos(a)/(ODL-0.8*nt*cos(a))
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