The Basics: Pressure Vessels with Commonly Used Features

More Advanced

More advanced pressure vessels often require the use of multiple programs or additional spreadsheets to analyze. They can combine different fields like heat transfer and stress analysis.

Beyond Pressure Vessel Design

Canada's CRN vessel registration system places unique requirements on vessel designers. Although our CRN system is ASME code based, successful applicants require knowledge far beyond that found in code books. We also design accessories for our customers to help them get their vessels built.

The Software Used to Make these Samples

We use leading industry standard code calculation programs to solve our customers design problems. We also have a large library of in-house spreadsheets which we use when commercial programs do not fit. We prefer to use SolidWorks to create our drawings, but we can use AutoCAD when required by our customers.

There is rarely only one program that can solve a design problem. Where possible, we can switch to programs that our customers are familiar with.